Saturday, 19 March 2011

This is just dandy

I was outside today, walking in the woods because that is what I do. Yes. I thought it to be a good idea, a splendid notion, in fact.
There were no snakes on the path, I was quite glad to find out. Oh one could say it was a wonderful day with birds chirping in the trees and I even saw a squirrel run across the grass, just like in a Disney cartoon.

But the birds that were singing weren't... only the normal birds, there was another, different song coming from the trees but I could never pinpoint its direction. I came to this river deep in the forest, a place I've rarely been to before, where I found something lying on a rock. It was a bird skeleton and it looked like it had recently been put there... and it looks disturbing.
Picture of the skeleton
Perhaps I'm reading too many things into this thing but Mary's fucking missing, or so it would seem but maybe she's just in a cottage somewhere on a vacation and just never bothered to tell anyone not even her goddamn boyfriend, singing that annoying song from Snow White together with dwarves and deer with a shrill voice that investigates into your brain like a FUCKING NEEDLE OH FUCKING HELL.

The cherry on the top, the icing on the cake, the whipped cream on top of the mashed potatoes (oh yes, we do say that in Sweden, we do, we do indeed yes siree Bob you slob) is that my hallucinations are so fucking intense that I find it hard to even write this. Perhaps you can't notice it because I still retain enough intelligence to have my sentences make enough sensibility... sensibility? I have no fucking concept if this is right or askew but oh hell I presuppose that I have forgotten to take my medicine or perchance... I have but I don't know for I can precisely remember how I took the bottle out of the dishwasher but you don't put the bottle in the dishwasher so was it just an illusion or was it contrariwise I felt the pill on my fucking tongue I felt it

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