Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I haven't heard anything from Mary since she made the entry about going out to search for Roc. Not a single e-mail. Nothing. Maybe it's too early to get worried, but I saw Robbie's comment on her blog, and I can't help but worry because of everything that's happened. I don't want to think that there's someone... or something in the forest out to get her. I guess I don't want to believe that there's anything in there that can harm a human. I practically grew up in the forest, we made field trips to the forests around here in school, and I often played in it when I was younger too. So I've never been afraid, even when I've been spooked by seeing a snake once or twice, I've always returned eventually.

And they taught us to hug the trees if we got lost. I never understood why, I guess it was in order to make ourselves feel better, but I always thought they wanted us to hug the trees because they were lonely.

I don't want Mary to hug a tree, I wish she would reply and come back home. I feel so worthless, being on the other side of the ocean.

There's not one single thing I can do...


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  2. I have no fucking idea what either of you are trying to say.

    If THIS is your way of trying to be HELPFUL, well, then you sure as fucking hell aren't succeeding. Goddammit I'm sick of this cryptic shit being thrown in my face every now and then as if people are expecting me to be some Auguste Dupin or something. Oh I'm sorry, perhaps I should have said Sherlock Holmes since you're bound to know who that fucking guy is or so I would fucking hope you ignorant fuckers.