Saturday, 19 March 2011

... Looking back...

Seems like I flipped out a lot yesterday and... I'm still not feeling so good, but at least... at least I'm almost positive that I've taken my medication today. I feel sick whenever I gaze back at those entries or comments, it's like all of my cynicism just explodes... I don't mean to sound invidious but there's little I can do when my mind gets like that. I just lose control.

And to think it's all because of Mary... hah, well, maybe I'm not as emotionless as I first thought. I hate writing in this blog since what good does it do? Mary is withdrawn, the only reason as to why I created this blog, but I estimate it's not too bad of an idea to write here just to get things off my chest.

All I can do is to wait and hope that Robbie will do something...

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