Friday, 3 December 2010

School, hurrah

Can you not feel the sarcasm seeping out from that title?

So I went back to school this Monday and everything went all right, I made it through the week without causing trouble - or having anyone else cause trouble and dragging me into it. People are wary of me and are still acting a bit strange, but I've been left alone all the time in school. They don't speak to me of their own free will though if I ask them something, they reply although as quickly as possible as it's apparent they don't like conversing with me.

Mum's been decorating in the house and with all the snow we've got it feels like it'll be a pretty good Christmas this year, but of course, I have no real Christmas spirit. I just can't bring myself to look forward to it the same way I used to when I was little.


  1. Well, no trouble is much better than having trouble, yes? (Even if they still act strange around you, maybe it's just better that way.)

    ..Oh that does remind me, I should try to start decorating as well, even though I don't have much to decorate with.

  2. I wonder why people are acing so scared of you... ~Rose

  3. Hey, I got treated like that when I was at school. Not very nice thing to go through. Some people just... don't like other people for some reason.

  4. @ Mary: Yes... that is true. It just bothers me.

    @ EmptyEyes: I guess I'm quite the frightening person in some people's eyes, eh?

    @ Horror: True, though they haven't always acted like this. Then again I've never been very close with any of them, either, so maybe it's not so strange that they've begun to act this way.

  5. Well, they don't seem as though they should have any reason to dislike you if they don't know you.

    School's like this, people do things for stupid reasons. I wouldn't let it affect you too much.