Monday, 27 December 2010

A Very Merry Jule

It was a few days ago since we celebrated Christmas here though, since we always do all of our celebrating on the 24th but I've been pre-occupied with my presents, so I never got to give a report of my day. Nothing interesting beside the radio acting up later that evening happened, though. My parents and a few relatives came over to eat food, talk, play some games and then later on open up all of the gifts. I got mostly books this Christmas - some Kafka ones that I had yet to read and some more bird ones, since my parents had apparently told my relatives all about my new obsession (well, I've always loved birds, but it's the bird watching I'm referring to). It's funny how they do that and speak in front of them all, as if they were truly proud over me and my interest, yet they show barely no enthusiasm at other times when we're alone.

Another thing is that I've had a few hallucinations over these recent days. They're nothing major, I've been hearing noises... like knockings on my door in the middle of the day, and thinking it's one of my parents I've always gone to open the door only to find no one there. I've also been smelling smoke and seeing insects crawl over the floor in my room or over a table, but when I've thrown something at them in an attempt to kill them, I'd find nothing at all under whatever I'd thrown. Guess it's kind of unusual to see insects at this time of year, anyway. And there was striped beak clawing on ice well and shattered sharpness then there were empty, so the eyes fell.


  1. Umm... Your words kinda turned into gibberish at the end, anything wrong? :c ~Rose

  2. Are you okay? I'm getting very worried.... <:c ~Rose