Thursday, 25 November 2010

Soon back to school

I'm sorry I haven't been on recently. I should at least reply to comments when I get them, but I've taken my time to do some other stuff at home instead of sitting by the computer all day so I've kind of forgotten to check my blog.

Nothing much is new. I'll go back to school on Monday (I heard that most school's have been cancelled around here because of the snow though), which is sure to delight my parents. The other day I also found out that my notebook's gone missing... I asked my mum and dad about it but they were completely clueless. It wasn't of much use anyway, but still. It'll probably turn up in some stupid place eventually.


  1. Well, I would say it is good to get back to going to school. Normally I would, but I understand why you don't want to go back.
    As for your notebook, I'm so sorry you lost it, but I guess it will turn up sooner or later. Items have a weird way of doing that.

  2. Indeed they do. I loose all kinds of items all the time, and they always show up in the end.

  3. Lost your notebook? That sounds fishy to me... ~Rose