Sunday, 15 August 2010

Oh, how I love the internet

I had trouble sleeping, as always, last night so I spent most of my time looking around on the net and I stumbled over this song, "They're Coming to Take me Away", and then discovered that there was a whole series of these songs.

It fits me. So. Perfectly. <3 Doesn't it?


  1. I remember this song, I heard it a few years ago. Even though it's a very inaccurate song at least you're happy about something, right :)?
    I guess it does fit you, in a way.
    As for your trouble falling asleep, I'm sorry to hear that. Although I think it's fairly common, I'll have to look more deeply into reasons why or how to help you with that.

  2. Ah, it does fit me; don't we both know that you're going to become one of the white coats and take me away one day?
    I'm pretty sure it has to do with my Schizophrenia, which isn't surprising. Hallucinations have a way of keeping you up at night.