Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Filling the Pages With the Breathings of My Heart

Today I went to get a notebook. I just love books of any kind (... except anything related to math) and the smell of paper is the best scent I know. Not that the pages of this book smell particularly good, actually they don't smell much at all but still. Just look at those blank pages, just waiting to be filled!
So what am I going to fill them with? My idea is that I'm going to fill it with the images I tend to see; my hallucinations isn't as frequent as they used to be but they're still far from rare, but I'm also going to fill the book with drawings of anything I see in my dreams, for dreams fascinate me much. Don't they fascinate everyone? I think it's a good idea to fill the notebook with fragments of the stories my brain writes while I'm asleep. Maybe I'll start scribbling down other things in the book too, for why should it be strictly for my dream images or any other illusions?

I hope this can somehow aid Mary in her studies too. I feel like I want to help her, and I feel bad for being extra cranky recently. Not that I know how much of use this will be for her but at least it will be a fun thing to do for me, even if my hallucinations isn't always that exciting.


  1. Ah, notebooks. I can't disagree with you, the smell of paper is probably my favorite scent as well.
    Your idea sounds very worthy, whether or not it helps me is irrelevant it's an interesting idea and it's always nice to know what people are dreaming of (though I'm not sure if I'll be any help with either the hallucinations or the dreams).

    And it's alright, we all have our bad days, a few of them in a row certainly aren't gonna turn me away that easily. ;3

  2. Mmmyesss.
    Yeah, it's always fascinating to review one's dreams and contemplate over their meanings, admire one's imagination or simply laugh at the randomness of the dreams.

    I'm glad you think so and haha, guess I'm stuck with you for a while longer then. XD

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  4. Gah darned typos. Let's try to rewrite what I was saying.

    I look forward to reading them, it's a fascinating subject, really.

    And yes, you are, xD.