Monday, 11 October 2010

Slender... Man?

I just looked at Mary's latest blog entry. I followed her link and read everything.

So the Tall Man is actually called Slender Man and, apparently... created on Something Awful's forum? I guess this should come as a relief since now I know that he is simply that - a human creation, not some crazy demon from the depths of hell or whatever - which explains what I've been seeing as what I've thought it to be all along; hallucinations, just hallucinations. But my feelings right now are mixed. Of course I am a little relieved that I can now more easily regard my sights as figments of my imagination, as well as having a name on the stalker bastard.

The fact that I can't recall ever hearing about Slender Man still remains though. And... how should I explain this... while I don't get the feeling that I've heard/read about him anywhere else before, the first time I saw him clearly I wasn't surprised by his appearance. There was something oddly familiar with him that I can't quite put my finger on. Let me put it like this; whenever you meet a new person, someone you haven't even laid your eyes upon before, it takes a while for you to take everything in about them, everything from looks to personality. After a while you become "adjusted" to them. You've formed an opinion about them and feel more comfortable around them (even if you don't like the person in question you do at least, approximately, know what to expect from them). Well, when it comes to this Slender Man I can't really say that I feel comfortable whenever he appears or that I know what to expect from him (except for glaring at me), but I still hope you see my point.
Shortly put, it was like I knew him if only vaguely. If I believed in that kind of stuff I would have said that I had known him in another life, but I digress.

I guess I should read up more about this man-like creature. I've also noticed that I have received some more followers; I've only taken a quick glance at all the people, but they seem to be related to Slender Man in one way or another. I don't mind people following my blog since this isn't a private place after all, I'm hardly the kind to spew my heart out on a electronic journal, or anywhere else/to anyone else.

Now, I still find his random arrivals troublesome. I'm not as afraid any more but I'd rather not have him following me and disturbing my sleep, I'm all ready quite the insomniac. Increasing the dosage of my medicine didn't help, so what to do...


  1. I will say that the 'Slender Man', as I shall now call him did have some sort of familiarity. Even if I hadn't 'known' of him through you, he still seemed eerily familiar in the depths of my mind, but from where I had seen him I do not know. (Or if I had even known of him before at all; my brain may simply be playing a trick on me).

    I don't think your feeling of seeing the page is abnormal, but I am glad it provides some sort of relief regardless of where you knew of him before.

    I'm sorry I can't be of more help for your sleeping problems, I don't have enough knowledge on the subject to help you with it, :-(.

    (On a much lighter note though, I found it somewhat amusing that you're gathering followers-seeing as I only have one other one besides you.)

  2. Hrm, it might just be our minds playing tricks on us. Well in any case, I'll be searching for Slender Man related things, to see if it will make any of this make more sense.

    It's all right, I'm not expecting you to come up with something helpful in regards of my sleeping problems.

    (Lol! I saw that, but I think you've gained one more now.)