Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Morse Codes

Thanks to Mary, I now know that the codes I found in my notebook were Morse Code. I'm not all that savvy when it comes to things like that, but I am capable of using google and so I found a site that would translate the codes for me.

And what I found was... very, very curious, indeed.

The first code translates into; SEEYOU

What am I supposed to make out of that? It certainly seems like something one would say while sleep walking, I suppose. It doesn't make much sense.

The second batch of Morse Codes were a little different and it took me a while to translate them, mostly because I had to translate them twice. You see, the Morse Code translated into binary, which I had to translate too.

This is what it translated into; the trees

If this has been written by me (I've all ready dismissed the idea that it could've been written by anyone else in the house, which is my parents, since they're not the kind of people who would joke around like this. They're rather humourless, besides, their English isn't very good, so if they would pull a prank they would've used Swedish instead), at least 'the trees' makes a little more sense than SEEYOU. I've been thinking about going out to take some pictures, preferably of some birds if I can, but I haven't been able to do so yet, so it could be referring to that.

Anyway, I will take this as a sign from my subconscious and get my hands on the family's digital camera as soon as I can. =P


  1. SeeYou? I have to admit when I first saw that it startled me. That doesn't mean it is unnatural, but I certainly wasn't expecting to read that.

    The Trees makes much more sense than SeeYou, I must admit. But because we don't always remember our dreams must be why you find SeeYou odd. You might have had a dream relating to it, even though I'm not totally sure what such a dream would have to contain.

    I'm sure of one thing, it couldn't be a joke. There's probably an easy explanation as to why you wrote the Morse Code down while sleep walking, but it may not make much sense if it's ever figured out. Dreams can be very strange places at times.

  2. Yeah, reading that was quite a surprise... really makes me wonder what the meaning behind it is.

    That's what I think too, at least, I see no other explanation as to why it was written down.

    One would think so, and I guess this mystery will be unravelled sooner or later or perhaps it will remain one forever. Dreams are very strange indeed.

  3. Be careful what you wish for...