Sunday, 23 January 2011


Recently, I've been seeing things in the mirrors of our house. I've never been fond of mirrors and I've always avoided looking at them. There is something I find deeply disturbing with staring at your own reflection, specifically into your own eyes... It is strange, why should I be afraid of my own gaze? Though I'm not exactly afraid, but it is... unsettling.

But what I've seen apart from my own visage in the mirror is... the Tailor, I think I shall call him that. The first time I saw him he appeared in the full body mirror I have in my room, just behind me, gesturing with his hands as if he wanted to tell me something, or like he was trying to direct my attention towards something - I don't know as I was too shocked to think clearly. This only lasted a brief moment and when I turned around he was gone, and there was no one to be seen in the mirror except for myself. I haven't written this down until now because I keep thinking that if I pay too much attention to these delusions they will only become worse. I keep seeing things in the mirrors, but they are only brief glances - most of the time it's probably just my clothes or the curtains fluttering... still, I don't have any mirrors in my room anymore.


  1. Mirrors can be fairly scary sometimes, although..I never really payed much attention to them.
    I think it's best for you to try to ignore the Tailor appearing, the more you encourage his appearance, the more you're going to see him-even if it's not a hallucination, you'll end up just expecting him.

  2. I think so too, though... even if I manage to ignore him by day, he'll still appear in my dreams at night.