Saturday, 2 April 2011


Even though it was starting to get dark outside, Alice decided to take a walk in the woods. What better thing to do but to go out and get some fresh air in order to cleanse one's thoughts? But no matter how long she walked, the pressure over her chest did not lift. After a while she stopped and looked around, only to find herself lost in the dense forest - this particular area was unknown to her, and now, when it was far too late, did she realise what a stupid idea it had been to venture outside.

As she stood there wondering what to do, sour thoughts making their way into her mind, the sun continued its journey downwards. Soon a path on her left side caught her eye. Alice had seen this path before; but that had been in a dream, and right now she was quite awake. At least she thought so.

It couldn't be the same path. She was not dreaming.

Nevertheless she approached the partially overgrown path but was startled by an ear-piercing noise. Feeling like her heart was about to burst, Alice stepped away from the path and nearly fell down to the ground before something, several things, several sharp things dug their way into her hair and skull

Shrieking and images and blood

until she could feel the blood trickling down her forehead into her eyes and down to her open mouth.

Darkness and.... snakes

She ran, trying to cover her eyes from eager beaks while another noise joined the cacophony. Overpowering everything.

They're not snakes.


  1. You're talking in third person now, Alice? A new development in your episodes, which I'm afraid are growing worse. I find it hard to believe a few birds could attack you with such intentions, and I am even more skeptical over why the birds even attacked you in the first place. There's enough evidence in this post for me to think that this was nothing more than a severe hallucinogenic episode.

  2. Mary... Please... She needs comfort, not a clinical analysis.
    *consoles Alice* ~Rose